Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Is Not My Dog (RS5%O)

This is not my dog.  She belongs to a guy I work with. 

My iPhone 4 has been problematic in not being able to receive picture messages (MMS).  It's apparently fine sending them, but useless receiving. So every now and then, after lengthy discussions with my service provider, I ambush people mid conversation, and ask them to try sending me a picture to see if it's working yet. It's not. Not 95% of the time anyway.

One of the random successful 5% occurrences is how I came to have the above photo of Molly, and every time I see it I smile.  

This is not my dog either.

Strange but true - one of the other few random successful 5% occurrences (RS5%O) resulted in the acquisition of this equally charming portrait of the beautiful Eve.

So, my phone may not be working, but in the meantime little blessings find their way to it.  

Remember the little blessings life sends you, especially in the face of somewhat larger blast-its.  Every situation is made easier when armed with a smile.



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