Tuesday, June 15, 2010

enchanted by Francesca

Tonight I attended the Depot Gallery II for the latest solo exhibition 'enchanted' by the very lovely and extremely talented Francesca Raft.

In her own words, "I am fascinated by the simplicity in light, color and form… the landscape, the essence of nature… the resonating beauty that makes one feel and experience the desire of belonging and possibility… I strive to capture this in paint".

For the past months I have been diligently working every possible moment on the recordings that Aqualash will be releasing in August, and as much as I love music - deeply and truly and passionately and uncompromisingly - it really can be *** hard work and literally an emotional minefield. Taking time out tonight to go and view this exhibition has given me a much-needed shot of inspiration and enthusiasm for the creative spirit!

And now I'm here to let you know, in case you need a booster shot yourself:
if you are in Sydney, Francesca's exhibition is from today, Tuesday 15 June, until 27 June, at Depot Gallery II, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney, 2017. Or check out her work at the website: www.francescaraft.com.au

Now, back to the studio…

x Sarah