Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love Jeff Beck + my new big wish.

I love Jeff Beck. I love his music. I LOVE the way he plays guitar. It's nice to be in love.

At his concert in Sydney last night, the band was fantastic as well (Narada Michael Walden on drums, Rhonda Smith on bass and Jason Rebello on keyboards) but wow, the way that man plays his guitar - the incredible tone, the sweetness….

It's not new news to any Jeff Beck fan, and there were many, many adoring, elated people in the Enmore Theatre last night, but no matter how many times you hear it, to be in the audience and hear it all live, well, it just makes you want to say it all over again - the incredible tone, the sweetness, the stunning melodies...

So now I have a new, big wish - a most logical desire from my delirious state of in-love-ness, and yet never has logic been quite so intense! - my newest big wish is for: guitar lessons with Jeff Beck. Please. I'm wishing on stars here - this is serious.

I promise to practise. I promise to learn scales past the first three frets. I promise to upgrade my guitar amp from a 1970s 12 watt Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp to something that is much louder, faster and is actually a guitar amp, not a bass amp.

To show I mean business, I have just taken the whammy bar out of its (until-now permanent home) compartment in the guitar case, and attached it to my guitar.

OK. We're ready. Jeff, where are you…..?


For a taste of musical ambrosia click here -
Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scotts, "Under The Veil"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aqualash Soundtrack Music

At the moment we have been listening to pieces that were recorded and put away -
ideas, sketches, full pieces and instrumental tracks.

We have had music used in a number of short films and documentaries, and have many more pieces perfect for that medium.

So we are editing and remixing the existing tracks and giving them their own film and TV page, both on our website (coming soon!) and on ReverbNation - up and running right now

We have also been submitting to various licensing sites that promote music for film and TV.

Once that gets done we can focus on recording new tracks. There are
many we have already started recording, and plenty more ideas to choose from so we have our work cut out.

Stop by and have a listen!