Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dislocation Inspiration

In June/July this year Marina Abramovic brought her very unique self to Sydney for 12 days in her Kaldor Public Art Project No 30, Marina Abramovic: In Residence. As there were no cameras permitted, this photograph of Marina is from a document that accompanied the event. In fact, phones, watches, wallets and bags were locked away upon entry and participants were gloriously e-disconnected for the duration of their stay. This is where the 'dislocation' occurs - as per the title of this post.

The simple act of removing personal objects we not only depend on but instinctively and continuously monitor for information and communication, for protection against loss or theft, or simply for telling the time... the removal of these things from the equation frees up a surprising amount of conscious and subconscious space in your mind and relaxes muscles you didn't know were tense - once you let go of the thought of your precious little belongings resting safely in a locker.

What you do with this arable awareness is completely up to you.

Knowing that Marina tours the world and there’s a chance some elements will be comparable wherever you happen to be, I’m actually not going to give you any more details. Whatever you do, if you have the opportunity to go to one of her ….. worlds, don’t research it beforehand. Just go. Allow yourself to be surprised. I will say, though, that the Mutual Gaze part of the experience was the one that has stayed with me most vividly. Truly inspiring.