Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life's What You Make It

Last week at work, a colleague walked in with a cloud of gloom shadowing his eyes, his head and shoulders bent forward under the weight of his foreboding. "I understand, and sometimes I feel the same way about that," I said. "But life's what you make it. Hey, remember the song?"

He didn't, and I couldn't remember which 80s band…. (Talk Talk)

The next day was my birthday. A friend sent me the latest Rowland S. Howard album, "Pop Crimes", as he knows I am a loving fan, and I was devastated to learn that Rowland passed away at the end of last year. And there at track #3 is Rowland's cover of "Life's What You Make It".

Rowland S. Howard has a long musical history from 1978 to 2009, including his two solo releases "Teenage Snuff Film" (2000) - the era I saw him perform live at Newtown RSL in Sydney - and "Pop Crimes" (2009).

Often, I don't know details or histories of music I listen to, and I can definitely be vague about albums and song titles. What I do know is how the music makes me feel, and Rowland S. Howard - from the very first time I heard him - has claimed a piece of my heart.

So, Mr Howard, bon voyage. May your travels be ever musical.

x Sarah


  1. Great, now, you've got me scouring the internet for this cover of the version of the song. It's been a personal anthem now for nearly 25 years. Thanks though for the heads up. ;)


    PS - Found it!

  2. It's great to hear from another fan of the song!