Monday, January 25, 2010

January Escapades

Hey folks

It’s been a fast start to the new year, as soon as I got back from my camping adventure there were a number of shows waiting.

Firstly, with Belle Phoenix. She’s a singer songwriter from Sydney, now living in Germany. She was back for Christmas and decided to do some shows. I have played with her occasionally over the last 2 years and this time we played at the Landsdowne hotel in Broadway, Sydney and I had the chance afterwards to check out the Sydney festival opening night, which was massive. You can check out Belle at

The following Sunday I did the semi-regular Jazz gig at the Woolpack Hotel in Redfern. That’s with our alter ego Jazz group – Blue Velvet Jazz - with Sarah singing, myself on guitar and Peter Rundle on Piano. He’s our regular pianist, but we have also have Margaret Brandman join us on occasion. (

Then on Monday I was with Belle again at the famous Sandringham Hotel in Newtown. The bass player didn’t turn up, so Belle played a nylon string guitar and I played electric, and the drummer played only with brushes…. An unplanned change of arrangements but it sounded great – a fresh, sparse presentation of her music.

And finally for now, I just did another Blue Velvet Jazz gig last Sunday – the last of our current residency there. As we usually play corporate events and functions it was great to play public gigs again, and come back each time to familiar faces! At the gig in early January, one of the locals who has been there each week requested ACDC, and we played Back In Black as a swing/waltz feel, which actually sounds great, and is a heap of fun to do. Hopefully we’ll be back there soon.

So that’s January!


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